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Bergen County Bankruptcy Lawyers serving clients throughout New Jersey

We Can Help You Overcome Debt

Experienced Bergen County Bankruptcy lawyers assisting people and businesses who need a fresh start

Overwhelming debt is more than a money problem. It can affect your health, family relationships, and even your job. When you need assistance, the Ruiz Doolan Law Firm, LLC can help you achieve the financial solvency and peace of mind that you need. We represent people and businesses in New Jersey who are facing actions such as collections, garnishments and lawsuits. For many debtors, bankruptcy is an effective tool for discharging debts and rebuilding financially, but we provide the personalized attention and legal knowledge to develop the debt-relief solution that’s best for you. From our office in Hackensack, Ruiz Doolan lawyers can help no matter how much you owe, and our fluency in Spanish allows us to assist a larger segment of the public than many other attorneys can. Your debt problems can be solved, but not on their own. We can help turn your situation around starting today.

Bergen County Bankruptcy law firm providing the skill and compassion you deserve

The Ruiz Doolan Law Firm, LLC has built a strong reputation in and around Bergen County because we are:

  • Established — Since the firm’s launch in 2010, our attorneys have provided knowledgeable counsel to people and businesses coping with debt problems. Earning praise from clients and peers, we have delivered skillful representation throughout North and Central Jersey.
  • Responsive — At Ruiz Doolan, our clients always know that we support them and will treat them with the respect they deserve. We return calls and always try to answer any questions clearly and completely.
  • Detailed — Filing for bankruptcy is a way to gain control over your financial situation. As you do this, we will explain each aspect of your filing in as much detail as you need so that you can emerge from the bankruptcy process with knowledge and confidence.

Part of our commitment to our clients’ well-being is an affordable fee structure that gives each client the best chance to move toward financial success.

Knowledgeable counselors for a full range of debt relief solutions

For any debt issue that you cannot manage on your own, Ruiz Doolan can provide effective legal advice. We often assist New Jersey residents with:

  • Bankruptcy — Our attorneys can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy. We handle Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and other proceedings for commercial and individual clients.
  • Consumer protection — Federal and state consumer protection laws prohibit fraudulent and improperly coercive debt collection practices. If you’re being tricked or intimidated, we will use all legal means to stop such violations.
  • Student loan debt relief Student loan terms can be strict and unfair, but we have the knowledge and ability to negotiate on your behalf for obligations that you can live with.

No challenge is too large, even though it might seem that way. From your free initial consultation, Ruiz Doolan lawyers will ease your stress and help you reach a firm financial footing.

Contact a dedicated bankruptcy law firm serving clients throughout New Jersey

The Ruiz Doolan Law Firm, LLC is located in Hackensack and represents clients throughout North and Central Jersey in bankruptcy and debt collection matters. Call 201-880-5563 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Se habla español.